Watch NCAA College and NFL Football Online

Here’s how to watch any football game online in three simple steps:

Step one,

From Internet Explorer or Firefox, visit our installation page here, or at the link below to let Tara tell you more and then and install the sports toolbar.

watch live streaming football online for free
Step two,

simply click on the blue round button to install on either Internet explorer or fire fox.

Step three,

you’ll see the toolbar at the top of your screen, click on the “live sports” and select the game you want to watch.

watch football online toolbar

Not being able to watch your favorite college or NFL football team on tv can be frustrating. But when you schedule doesn’t allow it or you live in a different area that doesn’t show your team on a regular basis, this can be a common dilemma.

But that all change would when I discovered to bring the sports toolbar. It lets me a live stream NFL and NCAA football games online right from fire fox or Internet explorer browsers.
But not a big fan of toolbars? You will be soon.

I used to wars all that are in for productivity and organization. And unlike some of those less reliable online streaming football sites, first row TV sports for watching football is different.

As a Packers fan living outside of Wisconsin, I know what its like. For each season over the last three years, I would anxiously await the tv schedules to come out to see if my team was going to be shown on one of the tv stations I have access to. Usually, I was disappointed to find out other teams were going to be shown.

Then I found an easy way to watch football online for free right from my browser. And while it was excited to get to finally be able to watch my team play, I was mad at myself for not finding it sooner.

All I did was download the bring me sports toolbar and after just a couple of minutes learning how to use it I was was sitting there on Sunday afternoon happily watching the big game with a pizza. You can also use it to get live sports, get football news and highlights too.

Do yourself a favor and check it out unless you would rather watch the wrong team play on tv and wait for the scores to your game scroll along the bottom of the screen like I used to do.

With First Row Sports Football for NFL and College your can:

  • Watch live NFL football games online
  • Live stream college football games
  • Get NFL and college news, highlights, and statistics from your favorite players